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Room 301 KIIT-TBI, KIIT University, Campus 11, Patia, Bhubaneswar, Odisha-751024

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At EXSURE we are developing a holistic affordable targeted drug-delivery platform that will not only target cancer cells but also the more resistant cancer stem cells. Our bio-engineered exosomes-based drug delivery platform will be an effective drug delivery vehicle to deliver chemotherapeutic drugs specifically to cancer stem cells and cancer cells. It will revolutionize cancer treatment not only in India but also in other developing economies. Our drug-delivery platform will carry chemotherapeutic drugs specifically to the cancer cell and cancer stem cells, thereby efficiently reducing chemo-induced toxicity and selectively targeting tumor cells.

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1) Swastika Paul, Co-Founder, CSO, 2) Dr. Himansu Roy, Clinical Advisor, 3) Dr Partho Mukhopadhaya, Clinical Advisor

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The median cost of developing a single cancer drug is expected to be ~$648.0 million. But none of these drugs ar targeted to the root cause of cancer i.e. cancer stem cells. Although these prohibitively costly drugs effectively target cancer cells. The residual cancer stem cell population (~2% of the total tumor mass) has the potency to regenerate the entire tumor mass leading to tumor relapse. Therefore an effective solution will have to target both cancer cells and cancer stem cells, thereby removing the tumor from ‘its root’

Solution Relevance

Cancer is one of the leading causes of mortality and morbidity around the world including in India. The situation in India is somewhat grim mainly due to high treatment costs and unawareness. The most commonly used therapy for treatment includes chemotherapy and radiotherapy both of which do not specifically target cancer cells rather in many instances, they lead to enrichment of drug and radio-resistant cells which may lead to tumor recurrences. Immunotherapy is somewhat targeted to the tumor cell but is prohibitively costly. But non of the current drugs present in the market target cancer stem cells which have the potency to regenerate the entire tumor mass leading to tumor relapse. In this scenario, the need of the hour is an affordable targeted therapy option that can target cancer cells as well as the drug-resistance cancer stem cells. Our autologous engineered exosomes provides an affordable targeted therapy platform that if successful will revolutionize cancer treatment not only in India but also other developing economies. We will harvest autologous exosomes which will be bioengineered to carry chemotherapeutic drugs specifically to the cancer cells and cancer stem cells. This could then achieve maximal elimination of cancer cells with minimal side effects and a prolonged RFS.

Solution USP

1) This is the only unique solution that specifically targets cancer stem cells,

2)  It will reduce chemo-induced cytotoxicity,

3)  It will improve relapse-free survival by targeting cancer stem cells.

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Pharmaceutical  companies developing anti-cancer drugs, and following successful validation of our platform in clinical trials we plan to enter the market with Doxorubicin-loaded targeted exosomes

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India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Bhutan

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Successful validation in clinical trails

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In-vivo validation of our drug-delivery platform and optimization for human clinical trials

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Patia, Bhubaneswar


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Patia, Bhubaneswar

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